4510AIDS Fund survey of people in nine countries finds misconceptions active component.

4510AIDS Fund survey of people in nine countries finds misconceptions, stigmaA poll on Tuesday found published MAC AIDS Fund of people in Brazil, France, Russia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States misconceptions about the availability of a cure for HIV / AIDS and the impact of the disease, as well as signs of stigmatization of HIV positive people, Reuters Health reports. Almost 50 percent of respondents in the nine countries said they would be uncomfortable walking next to an HIV – , 52 percent, 52 percent do not want to live in same house as a person with HIV and 79 percent do not want someone who currently living with HIV / AIDS. active component

Aetna announced Tuesday that they change into an agreement with New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to its physician – ranking system to reflect nationally recognized standards for the quality of care and to make transparent the criteria for the evaluation reached used, the Wall Street Journal reported (Bray, Wall Street Journal, the deal affects the Aetna Aexcel network of doctors wearing a lower cost for enrollees than Aetna’s large network.

GLOW supervises ten thousands of elderly women general practitioner doctor to the previous two years Da enrollment for GLOW is not connected to osteoporosis diagnose does not change the does not alter doctor practice of the study offers a good account of typically elderly women and bone health care that they get to the real world are women on 17 cities in 10 countries and across 3 continents part. Over GLOW – GLOW has a prospective, longitudinal monitoring study for women about 55 who attended a GP into the previous two years of study. Are as follows women are taken through 700 GPs in 17 cities North America, Europe and Australia. GLOW gathering information on osteoporosis risk factors, treatment approaches, patient behavior and broken. Results of with annual patient interview a period out of 5 years.

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