A new Web-based tool for local http://lady-era.net/reviews.html.

New web-based tool helps planners resources for public health emergencies rangeUSA – HHS ‘ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality today the Emergency Preparedness Resource Inventory, a new Web-based tool for local, regional and state planners to create custom inventories. Of health and emergency resources the tool allows communities regional supply regional supply of critical resources, incident response estimate gaps, and support future resource estimates investment decisions prepare. http://lady-era.net/reviews.html

In addition to the software tool provides an implementation report for project managers overseeing the implementation and use of the resource inventory tool provides an overview of the system and describes the Pennsylvania pilot test and lessons. A separate technical manual summarizes the installation, security and confidentiality. Protection, reporting functions, steps the quality of data data quality, and the communication with users.

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At the same time a lack of funds will exacerbate the situation, with the supply of of food aid from WFP rapidly running. – This is a true and the deepening crisis, said WFP Deputy Country Director Claude Jibidar. The fight is uprooted more people every day and make it more difficult for WFP order to reach it urgently with a the support it need to. We need at least U.S. $ 12 million to buy at more food in the region and move them into quick. .

In China Department of Health and Ministry of Commerce of hotels, resorts hotels, resorts and public baths country, condom at in the effort in the fight against that spreading the disease, Reuters reported. Which also requires the Event on Brochure on HIV / AIDS show. Health experts of the UN and the Chinese Public Health Department has estimated that undocumented undocumented number of HIV / cases of AIDS country be higher than 650,000 . Facilities for Disabled taken root According to the Associated Press, HIV / AIDS into the country because of corrupt blood transfusion and the blood commercial practices requires.

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