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Patients received four standardised dosages of ToleroMune T-cell vaccine over several weeks. During the study, investigators administered a challenge dose of house dust mite allergen to the volunteers’ skin and eyes to assess the influence of the ToleroMune therapy. The results display that the optimal treatment program reduced each of the allergic reactions assessed during the study, achieving a therapeutic impact 32 percent – 87 percent greater than placebo. ‘These positive scientific results, achieved with our house dirt mite allergy treatment, are particularly encouraging as they mirror those from earlier successful studies with our cat and ragweed allergy therapies,’ stated Steve Harris, Circassia’s CEO.The MDMM includes a set of actionable molecular subtypes and proposed practice guidelines for dealing with each subtype: which therapies is highly recommended and which are contraindicated. A molecular subtype of melanoma is loosely thought as those tumors including the same set of molecular defect and their linked pathways. A subtype is regarded as actionable if there is both a CLIA-accepted assay to determine whether a given tumor fits that classification, and at least one experimental or FDA-approved targeted therapy with potential efficacy for that subtype.

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