About IpsogenIPSOGEN is a biotechnology company utilizing advanced technologies.

About IpsogenIPSOGEN is a biotechnology company utilizing advanced technologies, of cancer. Gene expression , and to improve disease management of cancer. IPSOGEN addresses two main markets: The molecular diagnosis of cancer to provide innovative diagnostic tools provide the clinical centers, provide the optimization of cancer drug development, pharmaceutical companies with quality information on the preclinical and clinical phases and accelerate development through biomarker identification and validation. Headquartered in Marseille, France, IPSOGEN has global partnerships and markets its products worldwide.

The test was validated in an independent cohort with patient samples from a multicenter clinical trial. The study is part of a research program that Ipsogen with FNCLCC , Institut Paoli – Calmettes , Centre L? Leads to B? Rard and the Institute Bergoni? .. These results concern the identification on 323 patient samples and independent validation on 181 patient samples of METAGENE-based predictor, the highly efficient patient is different with unfavorable outcome after adjuvant anthracycline-based chemotherapy.Field,g color in ‘ Blind Sight ‘noninvasively With manipulation of brain a new way to magnetic stimulate, the scientists show that they restore have some experience of Colors where it is gave before none visual perceptions at all. Please report them at the 28th October issue of on Current Biology an Cell Press Publish. High-quality care treating elderly hospitalized patients.

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