According to a fresh study by researchers from the University of California.

Prior analysis led by Smith offers confirmed higher prices of lung and bladder tumor deaths for Area II compared with the others of Chile. What was not known until this scholarly study was the latency period between the onset and reductions in publicity, and the next rise and fall in tumor rates. To get that given information, researchers analyzed data from lung and bladder malignancy deaths from 1950 to 2000 in Area II, and compared it with Region V, another region in northern Chile with an identical population socio-demographically, but one that had not been subjected to high degrees of arsenic.Released in the British Medical Journal, the analysis discovered no difference in the overall death rate from cancer between males who had been screened for prostate cancers, and men who weren’t screened ( It is also now widely known that both breast and colon cancer screenings are harmful as well. A US Preventive Services Task Force discovered that cancer of the colon screenings put patients’ lives at risk, especially older individuals who are more susceptible to complications caused when their colons are accidentally punctured through the probe.

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