According to new research from Northwestern Medication in collaboration with Harvard University.

Previous results, however, have already been inconsistent. In the brand new study, researchers viewed the measurements of telomeres in 792 people during the period of 13 years. Of the participants, 135 were ultimately diagnosed with various kinds of cancers, including prostate, epidermis, lung, others and leukemia. Initially, researchers gathered that telomeres aged quicker – indicated by a far more rapid loss of duration – in the people who were developing a cancer.Locks treatment products deceive consumers with ‘formaldehyde-free’ labelThe products tested not only exceed legal limits for formaldehyde, however, many of labels were found to be deceptive as well. Most shocking was that five of the toxic products were labeled ‘formaldehyde-free’ The researchers, including laboratory worker Dr. Mbulelo Maneli and associate professor Peter Smith, said, ‘The false labelling of products as formaldehyde-free exposes unsuspecting consumers and hairdressers to adverse effects. Industry monitoring is required to improve security and compliance of hairdressers and consumers.’ Hair stylists becoming alert to hair products that trigger part effectsElsabe Sheppard, director of the Locks Academy of South Africa, said that hairstylists have noticed certain hair items causing burning eyes and even dizziness.

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