An early stage biotechnology company developing anti-infective human monoclonal antibodies.

Arsanis to develop monoclonal antibody therapeutics against nosocomial infections Arsanis Biosciences GmbH, an early stage biotechnology company developing anti-infective human monoclonal antibodies, today announced the award of two major grants for the development of monoclonal antibody therapeutics against nosocomial attacks .54 million FFG support, is given for the 2nd year of a 4-12 months ‘Basisprogramm’ project with a complete budget of EUR 12.5 million . A EUROSTARS grant with EUR 4.55 million – mainly funded by national agencies – is normally awarded to the KLEBSICURE consortium with Arsanis as consortium innovator, and GATC GmbH , the Max Planck Institute for Infectious Biology and the Ludwik Hirszfeld Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy as consortium members.

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