And adult sufferers feel misunderstood.

Since Asperger’s syndrome patient patient ‘look ‘disabled parents often tell others that people think that their child misbehavior, and adult sufferers feel misunderstood.

Pat O’Connell added: . People with AS say that like an alien like an alien in society – as if they are about in a bubble. Some do not want it – – often come to us in a situation where they could lose your home or job and can not handle it sometimes does not have to are usually are usually depressed and anxious. because of the scar to be labeled. However, other people in the society to cope as well as they do not actually need any help from us at all .####Co-authors of the study are Nickki Pearce, Patrick Sullivan and Robin L. Jarrett, View all out of the University of Illinois. The financing of the William T. Grant Foundation.

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