And an incredible number of Americans aswell perhaps.

America’s cities will collapse into utter chaos your day the EBT cards stop working It’ll certainly be ‘the day the music died’ no risk . And an incredible number of Americans aswell perhaps. What day time is that? The entire day that electronic cash transactions cease to operate. The hardest hit will be Us citizens on the lowest rungs of the financial ladder – family members who exist on government-subsidized food programs. As reported by All Information Pipeline recently, recent outages in the processing of Electronic Benefits Transfer cards – monetary transaction instruments that function like bank debit cards – have caused concern among culture watchers who are rightly convinced that any long-term disruption operating will inevitably lead to substantial unrest and the break down of civil society, especially in urban centers.

America’s wheat exports in crisis: Discovery of contaminated wheat from Monsanto trials only the beginning The recent surprise discovery of illegal Monsanto Frankenwheat growing in farm areas in eastern Oregon is just the end of the iceberg so far as contamination can be involved, says a prominent research scientist. Regarding to Dr. Doug Gurian-Sherman from the Union of Concerned Scientists , unlawful genetically-modified wheat provides more than likely already spread to many other parts of the U.S. Besides Oregon, meaning that it may have contaminated the greater food supply as well also.

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