Announced that Loma Linda University Medical Center has Nuvon.

Plug-and-da University Medical Center Selects Nuvon for Medical Device ConnectivityWith a News Reporter Staff News Editor at Health & Medicine Week Nuvon, announced that Loma Linda University Medical Center has Nuvon, , an industry – leading patient care data integration solution for medical devices offer connectivity and interoperability in connection with the conversion to electronic medical records Epic Records for three critical service units: the OP , intensive care and the Dialysis Center (see also Nuvon..

Nuvon is uniquely able to fully integrated clinical mobility and positive patient association with Nuvon Mobile Device Manager, a portable data collection device that wireless connectivity allowing for no and and includes a built-in barcode reader, drives provide with medical equipment optimized for positive patient identification and care delivery.To help others to Use Emergency Preparedness Planning and a psychological after – effects.

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