Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers tips for playing safe with prescription drugs As we age.

Know Your Drugs. Know everything you can about each drug you consider, including its name, color, form, dosage, unwanted effects, what it treats, when and how to take it, and how exactly to shop it. Maintain a checklist that you could bring with you on a trip or in an emergency. If you don't understand something, ask your doctor or pharmacist. Sometimes it is helpful to take a friend to the doctor which means you don't miss anything.Strunk, M.D., a Washington University asthma expert at St. Louis Children’s Medical center. ‘The asthma trainer offered support for parents coping with the unrelenting needs of their child’s disease.’ During the 2 yrs the coach was open to parents, 35 of the 96 sufferers in the training group were hospitalized at least one time, weighed against 55 of the 93 individuals in the usual-care group. The asthma instructors were African-American women surviving in the same general St. Louis neighborhoods because the participants. ‘That they had encounter with asthma individually or with a member of family, so they comprehended what these families had been dealing with,’ said Strunk, the Donald Strominger Professor of Pediatrics at the educational school of Medicine.

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