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(Arch Intern Med 2004; 164:1830 – 1832 Available post – embargo archinternmed.To Timothy Gilligan, call William Schaller contact at 617 – 632-5357 To editorialist M. Suzanne Stratton, call Donna at 520-626-2277 Breckenridge contact.

Guinea-Bissau: 14 303 cases including 252 deaths between 6th June and 11 September held in the country. The regions Bissau and Bimbo account for 77 percent of cases, cholera spread to all 11 regions of the country. A WHO team is currently on-site support of the Ministry of Health.The study which fat around organs and decreased heart featureresearchers Boston University School of Medicine have shown that fats collection to different body sites, as around the heart and the aorta, and the liver, decreased establishing certain connected heart function. The study, which appears on line in Obesity , also found in that the measurement of a person body mass index is not reliably predict the that amount of undesired fat near this vitals.

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