As a Haitians prepare for the first anniversary of the earthquake.

‘As a Haitians prepare for the first anniversary of the earthquake, almost one million people are reportedly still displaced less than 5 % of the rubble has been cleared, built only 15 % of the temporary housing needed needed and. Relatively few permanent water and sanitation facilities have been built, ‘ the report said. He notes a UN statistics showed that less than 45 % of $ 2, pledged at a donor conference last March was given for reconstruction. A second on PRI The World examines conditions in Port-au-Prince for nearly a year since the earthquake (Sharp.

Over.’50 survivors of sexual violence shared their experiences with Amnesty International for the study, ‘according to an Amnesty press release, the organization noted that more than 250 cases. Reported rape in the camps during the first 150 days after last year’s earthquake was ‘One year, continued rape victims arrive in the office of a local women’s support group almost every other day, ‘the release states (06.The editorial team is available online in Hutter the study is available online. With permission of to can use the total Kaiser Daily Health Policy Reports display, search the archives and sign up for email infeed for Kaiser Daily Health Policy Reports press for royal network. J The Henry J. Published. Kaiser Family Foundation.

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