As described in a groundbreaking brand-new report released by GMWatch.

At a recently available speaking engagement in Africa, for example, Lynas tweeted on Twitter just a little ditty about how exactly GMOs are required in Tanzania to safeguard cassava plants against infections. In his tweet, Lynas claimed, There are no typical methods to achieve virus level of resistance, which is untrue totally, as regular, non-GM breeding methods currently being found in that region have resulted in incredible success against infections. Be sure to go through Matthews’ full record for even more about the pro-GMO propaganda attempts sweeping Africa:.. ‘Biotech ambassadors’ participating in massive Monsanto-supported PR operations to force GMOs into Africa There exists a large amount of shady business heading on in Africa nowadays, where so-called biotech ambassadors are actually actively touring the continent and aggressively pushing for acceptance of genetically-altered organisms and various other biotechnology interests.AUTOMAGLIA 90 Analyzer is a fully-automated analyzer for immunoassay analysis in various types of disorders and illnesses. Major clinical diagnostic applications consist of thyroid disorders, fertility and infertility disorders, diabetes, infectious illnesses and tumor markers. The Company expects AUTOMAGLIA 90 Analyzer to enter a new consumer segment of its ECLIA business by targeting huge hospitals in China which have the highest patient volume and consumable usage.

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