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The further investigation of the molecular mechanisms be able be able a new a new type of cancer treatment to cancer cells expelled from the body with the help of surrounding normal cells, Fujita said.

Writer Yasuyuki Fujita of the MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology at University College London, said: ‘The research could help us to understand cancer cancer and initiated, and further studies in this behavior could help to identify ways the treatment of cancer the treatment of cancer effectively. ‘.– ‘We expect sub-Saharan Africa who merely one-third of health care workers who need it until 2015,’he said. ‘In particular, 240,000 more Medical and 551,000 more nurses and midwives is necessary for fill the gap. Figures, permit offer us which to support policy choices on pool their resources their resources. ‘.. Attitude required the nearly 800,000 workers in order the remarkable shortage of health professionals of Africa cost Saharan to remove by 2015 $ 2.6 billion years and to 2.5 times the annual appropriations current assigned to of health staff pay in the region, according of a new study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley, and employee on the World Health Organisation and world Bank.

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