Australian Mushroom Growers Association General Supervisor.

Clinical trials to examine mushrooms’ cancer-fighting properties The role of mushrooms in reducing the risk of breast and prostate cancers and in stunting the growth of these cancers will be tested shortly with the beginning of individual clinical trials at the town of Wish research centre in California . Earlier laboratory studies effectively utilized a mushroom extract to sluggish breast cancer growth in mice and lower the level of male hormones involved in prostate cancer, opening the door for clinical studies to look for the impact of consuming mushrooms on these cancers.

Of course, the drinking water is usually filtered and augmented before being put into Dasani bottles, but it’s still from the same resource as your plain tap water. This week, on 7th November, Corporate Accountability International , Baltimore , Boston , Chicago , Minneapolis, , Oakland , Portland , and college campuses across the national country. You can find more details at: My take on the issueIf you wish a good example of two companies engaged in hyping worthless drinks, look no than Coke and Pepsi further. In my opinion, both these companies operate with an astonishing lack of integrity – – not merely in the manner they hype their bottled water products, but also in their ongoing marketing of drinks that I am convinced are closely tied to the weight problems and diabetes pandemics now ravaging our world.

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