Bayers assessment.

Provided the huge and robust scientific body of evidence already, in Bayer’s opinion, these studies usually do not change the entire assessment about the protection of Bayer’s oral contraceptives. Bayer re-affirms that the entire body of obtainable scientific proof continues to supply support that the chance of developing venous thromboembolism, or bloodstream clots, in ladies using drospirenone-containing mixture oral contraceptives is related to other combination contraceptive supplements studied, including those including levonorgestrel. Today Mixture oral contraceptives are being among the most systematically studied and trusted medicines available. Bayer has sponsored many independently-conducted, large-scale, potential, observational safety research on the usage of COCs like the EURAS study and its own follow-up research, i.e the LASS study, and also the Ingenix study and the INAS research .This powerful reduction, seen in nearly fifty % of patients, is probably the highest blood pressure decrease attained in antihypertensive trials. Hypertension is normally a significant CV risk element and is in charge of more deaths than additional factors, such as for example high cholesterol, smoking or diabetes. Study results display that a good 2 mmHg decrease in systolic blood circulation pressure decreases the chance of severe cardiovascular occasions like heart episodes and strokes by 7-10 percent. We realize that at least fifty % of the individuals miss at least one dosage per month of their medicine.

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