Benzodiazepine Hypnotics Benzodiazepine hypnotic medications include estazolam.

Benzodiazepine Hypnotics Benzodiazepine hypnotic medications include estazolam , flurazepam , temazepam , and triazolam . Just how do benzodiazepine hypnotic medications work? These medications bind to benzodiazepine receptors in the mind, inducing sleep thereby check the following site read more . Who shouldn’t use these medicines? People who have the following conditions shouldn’t make use of benzodiazepines: Allergy to benzodiazepinesNarrow-angle glaucomaUntreated obstructive rest apneaHistory of medication abuseUse: Take the recommended dose thirty minutes before bedtime. Elderly folks are prescribed smaller doses. Drug or meals interactions: Certain medicines, such as for example cimetidine , azole antifungal medications, antibiotics , or drugs used to take care of AIDS, reduce the body`s capability to eliminate benzodiazepines, increasing the chance of toxicity thereby.

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