But there is hope at the horizon.

Effective seizure treatment for elderly patients with epilepsyContact: Jeanne Anton Krull 305-243-4853 American Epilepsy SocietyMIAMI, Florida and Boston – University of Miami researchers found that the antiepileptic drug Keppra controlled seizures and was well tolerated evaluated by more than 70 % of the elderly patients with epilepsy in a new study.

Dr Paul Wigley, a lecturer in infection biology at the University of Liverpool School of Veterinary Science in the UK that most strains of E. Coli do not cause disease, such as the new produce toxins to damage the good, the bloody diarrhea and can also damage other parts of the body, including the kidneys. The most serious consequence of the infection is hemolytic uremic syndrome , which often leads to kidney failure resulting in the need for dialysis or sometimes death, says Wigley.But there is hope at the horizon. Now researchers have designed genome sequence for all available VRSA trunks. From Harvard – wide antibiotic Programme will make use this information for develop new ways to prevent and treatment of infections by of MRSA, VRSA , and VRE. The team identified several new connections that to stop by knocking by hitting new objectives, and being current subjects this for further testing. The group works closely with partners the Broad Institute and at Harvard Microbial Sciences Initiative.

A phase I / II study of men has with high risk to prostate cancer have been carried out at the NYU Cancer Institute. The object of the study was to evaluate define the maximum tolerated dose Concurrent paclitaxel and radiation in patients advanced prostate cancer.

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