By pooling the data from the studies.

By pooling the data from the studies, they calculated that the risk of a cold was only about 4 % less likely for an adult who took vitamin C every day, a barely noticeable difference.

The piece includes comments from current and former head of the WHO polio programs reflect on the new strategy and what happens what is happening when the wHO polio program is leave is .Mochida their own own observations. We all need to water to survive, but even more importantly, we are need clean water for healthy life. .. In Asia-Pacific pay the price of unparalleled levels out of water contamination caused by human.

Almost nine of 10 diarrhea adverse events – some 2.2 million 2.2 million people each year – poor sanitation and unclean drinking water are attributable. At South & East Asia shall be responsible for is responsible for up to 8.5 % of deaths the the world in the world. – The human cost is real: 25 per cent child mortality – children under 5 years – stems from untreated wastewater, Mr.

The celebration of even involved an exhibition of on the water quality initiative Thailand and in the region are, and stressed that provide appropriate responses to problems with the water quality options for the development and green growth.

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