By PressureWire Aeris technology Tadalafil 20mg arvostelua.

The PressureWire Aeris is a first – of-its wireless wireless FFR system which requires no additional equipment or cabling in the cardiac catheterization laboratory. By PressureWire Aeris technology, interventional cardiologists accurately assess the severity of injuries Tadalafil 20mg arvostelua . With this information prior to the placement of the stent helps physicians better determine which specific lesion or lesions responsible for a patient’s ischemia St supply to the heart caused by blood restriction.

Blood flow blockages in the heart can now measure with St. Jew Medical Wireless Fractional Flow Reserve TechnologySt. Jew Medical today announced the first use of the PressureWire Aeris technology, an interventional tool measures Fractional Flow Reserve to assess the severity of blood flow blockages in the arteries. This first – to-market technology helps interventional cardiologists better determine the best treatment for their patients during coronary interventions, such as stent procedures. The first cases in the U.S. Were from Dr. Mark Zolnick St. Vincent Regional Medical Center at Christ in Santa Fe, New Mexico conducted.

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