Call for universal CAH screening By Kirsty Oswald.

In a connected comment, Bridget Wilcken said that more research is still needed into the disease. ‘It is unexpected that after 30 years of neonatal screening worldwide there is still a need for additional screening data and, importantly, follow-up, so that the benefits of screening could be assessed accurately, and screening efficiency can be maximized.’ She provides: ‘There is little question that screening for the disorder fulfils the fundamental criteria for screening – it really is, after all, a potentially lethal disorder.’ Certified from medwireNews with authorization from Springer Health care Ltd.Related StoriesStress and be concerned of premature birth will not affect mother's parenting behaviourStudy explores romantic relationship between mental health and parentingHormone decline provides windows into males's parenting skillsThe site of Amity’s new Children and Family Reunification center ‘Dragonfly Village’, located in the Tanque Verde Valley, required Rick’s specialized skills and sensibilities to keep the valley’s rural character, dealing with the natural splendor of Amity’s five acre parcel on a preexisting 60 acre site even though mitigating the difficulties faced in the flood prone Tanque Verde Valley.

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