Can cause damage.

Can cause damage, which in recent months has caused a stir among fashion world, a woman’s bones and a serious risk factor for osteoporosis later in life – International Osteoporosis Foundation warns of bone loss from Anorexia. Time biggest bone growth during puberty and adolescence Maximum bone development takes place in girls and boys aged between about 11 to 17 years. This corresponds to the age at which many girls sacrifice their health in search of a stylish ultra-thin physique. Peak bone mass peak bone mass during this time, ‘invest in their bones ‘young people and reduce the risk of fractures later in life.

A genetic basis.eals genetic component of empathyThe ability to empathize with others is partially determined by genes, according to new research on mice at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Oregon Health and Science University . In the study learned to extremely extremely sociable strain of mice to a sound in a specific cage with something negative by hearing by hearing a mouse in that cage with squeaks of distress played. A genetically different mouse strain with fewer social tendencies not get any connection between the cues and the other mouse necessity, showing that the ability to identify and act on another emotion have have a genetic basis. The new research is on Wednesday, February published in the Public Library of Science ONE journal at..In men will be in men with adult onset idiopathic hypogonadal concurrently GI and lipids survey . Final published studies in older men show a combination of low levels of testosterone at a greater incidence of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and mortality rates. FSH is the a retrospective review of to recently completed six-month clinical trial Androxal were our findings demonstrate that Androxal therapeutic leads to a significant reduction of the average glucose levels in males led with body mass index u003e 26 and blood sugar levels u003e 99, a result of is not in placebo views or Androgel arms of of this study. The second phase will begin in 2008, 2 b Androxal study for men of childbearing age with low testosterone levels, to for improving or maintaining the fertility wish / sperm status.

Repros Therapeutics Inc. announced that society its Investigational New Drug application become connected for the study of the Proelle in the treatment of anemia associated with uterine fibroid is effective. The company will open up that IND with two identical registering high quality Phase III study. The work has been been awarded at an appropriate CRO.

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