Can diet alone treatment deadly diseases?

Can diet alone treatment deadly diseases? Can Diet Only Cure Deadly Disease? 90-year-old Charlotte Gerson looks extremely healthy on her behalf age antabuse wiki . Her blue eyes appear to sparkle with youth and vitality. Gerson believes that modern doctors and medicine should be avoided. She says doctors and pharmaceutical businesses want us to be sick because that’s how they make their cash. That may sound extreme, but it does make logical sense. Modern medicine statements that chronic terminal illnesses such as diabetes and malignancy are incurable, but Gerson argues otherwise. In the acclaimed Gerson DVD’s Gerson says that what’s needed is normally to stop concentrating on treating the symptoms of the diseases, and instead focus on restoring the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

The firms working towards wellness reported that normal water products are unregulated in the tap water. Government has didn’t set a strong regular for pharmaceuticals but have also have failed to keep up with the require utilities level to check the contamination ratios. The another shocking simple truth is that the drug residues in plain tap water have a huge selection of other synthetic chemicals to which people are exposed daily leading to contaminants in food and various other eatables. These pollutants are raising the ratio of cancer showing picture that if this contamination is not given tight knot will increase survival risk to the greatest extent.. Can Water Contamination be Responsible For Cancer? Cancer statistics implies that four out of every ten Us citizens are diagnosed with tumor and unfortunately every two of every 10 die of the condition.

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