Can Drinking Soda Lower My Sperm Count?

Many people have noticed this urban legend, but Mountain Dew can’t be used as some kind or kind of male birth control. Drinking a complete large amount of Mountain Dew is only going to give you an excessive amount of caffeine, an enormous intake of empty calories, and a lot of urine. If you’re going to have sex of any sort, always remember to use a condom to avoid STDs and pregnancy.. Can Drinking Soda Lower My Sperm Count? I heard that one sodas, like Mountain Dew, can reduce sperm fertility — will there be any truth to this? – Rex* No scientific proof exists that Mountain Dew — or any additional soda, for example — has any influence on sperm count.Analysis was conducted based on risk factor according to age groups. For instance, below 60 years, 60 to 69 years, and 70 above and years were categorized into different groupings. Complete data on breasts cancer, bone metastases, and SRE according to these age groups ensured accuracy of the total results. Sensitivity evaluation helped understand if disease progression actually led to changes after an SRE. In other words, scientists covered all areas before establishing results. Around 2.6 million people survived breast cancer in 2011 over the United States.

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