Can These Underwear SAVE YOUR VALUABLE Life?

But it isn’t just soldiers Wang wants to save. ‘We envision all of the tendency of personalized medication for remote monitoring of the elderly at home, monitoring a wide range of biomedical markers, like cardiac markers, alerting for any potential stroke, diabetic changes and other changes related to other biomedical situation,’ Wang told British newspaper the Daily Mail. Wang also sees a role for new sensors that could detect alcoholic beverages levels in drivers. Look out, Lindsay Lohan. They may make it in a thong.. Can These Underwear SAVE YOUR VALUABLE Life? One day these smarty trousers may save your life. Scientists in California say a set has been developed by them of briefs that may detect blood pressure, heart rate, and other vital signs. The innovation is a little biosensor that can be printed directly onto fabric and can stand up to the push and pull of every daywear, regarding to a report in the journal ‘Highlights in Chemical Technology.’ Professor Joseph Wang of the University of California at NORTH PARK is usually leading the charge via a U.S.The move shall also promote innovation and combine disciplines to accelerate progress in cancer research. Multidisciplinary projects already are showing much promise. At Oxford University, Cancer Research UK scientists across different areas of expertise are working on new treatment technology for prostate cancer. They are developing imaging methods coupled with brand-new fluorescent probes that make it less difficult for surgeons to tell apart prostate cancer from regular tissue during medical procedures – improving patient outcomes. Cancer Analysis UK and the EPSRC desire to inspire more research like this to improve our understanding of cancer, and boost invention in cancer medical diagnosis and treatment.

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