Canada Wellness Infoway makes best use of its money for EHR tasks.

I would like to thank the Auditor General of Canada for her insightful review of Infoway, said H. Arnold Steinberg, Chairman of Infoway’s Table of Directors. We value her acknowledgement that Infoway can be consistent with the reason, objectives, and conditions lay out in the funding agreements it offers with the government. The Auditor General’s report includes eight recommendations for improvement of Infoway including strengthening handles for improved open public reporting, contracting services and goods, better documentation of project deliverables, in addition to a technical recommendation related to making sure conformance to requirements.Associates of the Plan have already been identified as having ‘dementia,’ which refers to progressive memory space and cognitive deficits significant enough to impair everyday living. During life, it is not possible to determine the underlying disease that triggers dementia. However, now that a Plan 88 member pathologically has been examined, CSTE researchers have proven it is possible to determine the cause of dementia, which in this complete case was repetitive trauma from football.

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