Canadian prescription drugs being seized in U.

Canadian prescription drugs being seized in U .S. At least 37 deals of prescription medications from Canada were seized by federal government officials in South Florida, despite a authorities promise in October 2006 to stop confiscating medicines imported for personal use, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports. Until this confiscation – – which began Jan. 24 and lasted several days – – only one or two packages of imported medicines were being halted at a time . In 2006 February, Canadian pharmacies said that the U.S. Federal government was raising seizures of prescription medications purchased by U.S.

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Following the Might 2009 shutdown of the NRU reactor at Chalk River, the Canadian Government called on a specialist panel to review and recommend options for securing supply and creation of Tc-99. Iotron’s technology can be characterized as linac and was particularly singled out by the Canadian Medical Isotope review panel based on the following factors: Two facilities could service all of Canada’s needs Fairly short timeline required to first production Requires a very modest price increase and is cost competitive with all the choices Generates no nuclear waste Capital cost is much less than any other facility capable of producing resilient isotopes Lloyd Scott confirms a great deal of progress has been made by Iotrons’ Study and Development efforts on the high power focus on, extraction, purification, in July 2009 and recycling procedures because the submission of the expression of interest.

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