CareView files patent for innovative technology to avoid decubitus ulcers CareView Communications.

Given the guidelines by the CMS and the insurance sector for avoidance of bed sores, this topic has turned into a very important quality of treatment concern. We believe our new technology will greatly assist any hospital within their efforts to comply with these guidelines and to provide greater patient care, stated Steven Johnson, CareView’s President and Chief Working Officer. This collaboration allows the hospitals and various other healthcare facilities to supply: The capability to implement audit tools to make sure that quality criteria are being adhered to, safety measures are getting complied with, as both may be used to further educate caregivers to continually enhance quality and security for their patients.In 2009 2009, an estimated 33.3 million individuals were coping with HIV, most in low – and middle-income countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, according to the World Health Organization . More than 5 million had been receiving ART. The Cochrane reviewers evaluated seven research conducted in foreign countries, including Brazil, China and seven African countries. This equaled an incidence of 3.4 % per 100 uninfected partners each year for those whose partners weren’t taking ART and 0.7 % for those whose partners were on ART.

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