Said a Democrat and Chronicle editorial.

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle: Buffett ‘s donation creates a massive engine for the improvement of society, said a Democrat and Chronicle editorial. The chances of saving millions of lives and actually beat some of the diseases that devastate the poor particularly bright shine, the editorial says (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

Simulation of the human brain as a visionThe underlying theory of liquid computing by Swiss neuroscientist Henry Markram published together with the Technical University of Graz in Computer Maass , who developed only this year its new model for the calculations in human in in the prestigious ‘in Nature Reviews Neuroscience.’This theory of information processing in neuronal circuits in the brain experimentally experimentally. – ‘The results of the collaboration with the Max Planck Institute, led by renowned neuroscientist Wolf Singer is one of those rare cases in which a hypothesis about the organization of the calculations in the brain that evolved from the computer science by neurobiological by neurobiological experiments, it was confirmed has been confirmed, ‘Wolfgang Maass added. Continue reading

AUTHORS: Tontonoz cooperation with Noam Zelcer.

AUTHORS: Tontonoz cooperation with Noam Zelcer, Cynthia Hong and Rima Boyadjian. The research was funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Tontonoz and Zelcer have filed a patent on the research findings.

IMPACT: The findings suggest that the development of a drug that interferes with Idol activity could influence cholesterol metabolism and lower levels of bad cholesterol. Doctors could the new drug in conjunction with statin drugs which also cut cholesterol levels by targeting a different enzyme, which prescribe the LDL receptor This could benefit patients, who can not tolerate statin side effects. Continue reading

Sub-stepsce for preventing heart attacks.

Sub-stepsce for preventing heart attacks, cardiovascular diseaseheart health can be better protected and maintained with greater recognition of the benefits of preventive measures – practicing especially said said at today’s American College of Sports Medicine Health & Fitness Summit & exposition.

Together, the countries that are home to more than 400 million people in danger of meningitis, which in in 10 and leaving many others with hearing loss, mental retardation and epilepsy.. A Meningitis Vaccine for Africapublic health officials in Burkina Faso will soon begin immunizing people aged 1 to 29 with a new vaccine people thatpected epidemics of Group A meningitis will end in 25 countries central part of the central part of the continent of Africa from Senegal to Ethiopia. The area, known as the meningitis belt is susceptible to meningitis epidemics because of his six-month dry season when winds whip dust, what the people cough and sneeze. Marc LaForce, Director of the Meningitis Vaccine Project, a partnership between WHO and PATH discuss the known roll-out the vaccine MenAfriVac beginning in November or December in Burkina Faso and then to other at – risk countries. Continue reading

Only 20 percent of children exercise regularly search medicine.

The authors say that obesity in the 27-member countries of the European Union has more than doubled in the last two decades.There is no evidence that the current increase in overweight / obesity prevalence is set to stop or slow down, they add search medicine .The report explains that physical activity among European children fall significantly between the ages of 11 and 15 tendency. Only 20 percent of children exercise regularly.

Obesity in Europe , according to the new report:Great Britain – 24.5 percent Ireland – 23 percent Malta – Luxembourg 22.3 percent – 20.1 percent, Lithuania – 20 percent Hungary – Greece 19.7 percent – 18.1 percent, Estonia – 18 percent Czech REP.1 percent Latvia – 16.9 percent, Slovakia – 16.9 percent, Slovenia – Finland 16.9 percent – 15.7 percent, Cyprus – 15.6 percent EU average – 15.5 percent, Portugal – Turkey 15.4 percent – 15.2 percent, Spain – 14.9 percent Belgium – 13.8 percent Germany – 13.6 percent, Poland – 12.5 percent, Austria – 12.4 Bulgaria percent – 11.5 percent, Denmark – 11.4 percent France – 11.2 percent The Netherlands – Sweden 11.1 percent – 10.2 percent, Norway – 10 percent Italy – 9.9 percent Switzerland – 8.1 percent, Romania – 7, 9 percent of the EU average of 15.5 percent excess weight still far behind the U.S., which is well above 30 percent. Nevertheless, the European health authorities are extremely worried. – ‘Health at a Glance: Europe 2010’Pages: 128 ISBN: 9789264090316 ; 9789264090309 DOI: 10. Continue reading

In this commentary in this weeks issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

New,this group.In this commentary in this week’s issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, writes Dr. Kenneth Rockwood, that doctors must consider new, respected as the autonomy and special needs of the frail elderly, in determining the treatment.

The NC Quantum Apex Catheter is a great addition to to the available post – dilatation balloons, making it easier for physicians to achieve optimal stent. It .. Bruce Brodie, Interventional Cardiologist, Moses Cone Heart and Vascular Center, and Chairman, LeBauer Cardiovascular Research Foundation, Greensboro, North Carolina, and Principal Investigator of the Postit study was one of the first physicians in the U.S. To use NC Quantum Apex catheter. The results of Postit showed clinical study reported that more than 70 % of coronary stents are not optimal employed by a stent delivery balloon catheter alone, said Dr. The use of IVUS with an adjunctive post – dilatation balloon makes it twice as likely that a stent optimally used. Continue reading

The phenomenon of trophic mismatch in the period for for consumers such as migratory songbirds.

The phenomenon of trophic mismatch in the period for for consumers such as migratory songbirds. Post et al. Document the spatial component of trophic mismatch with caribou and plant phenology.

In their reduced system, warming, in addition to advancing plant phenology and spatial variability in plant phenology.Both the temporal and spatial changes of plant phenology were cuts in production of offspring caribou associated highlighting a possible consequence of climate change. Continue reading