Chairmans speech at consultants conference 2004 Put patients first.

What’s unprofessional may be the coercion, bullying and intimidation of personnel, including consultants, by some senior NHS managers. Thanks to the disclosures of two ex-NHS managers from THE WEST Oxfordshire PCT, mixed up in Oxford treatment centre scandal, we now know that NHS bullying isn’t condemned from the top, it starts there. But we also understand that bullies need to be faced down, because otherwise they don’t really stop. So, I call on consultants to show the same perseverance over contract implementation as they did over local contracts.As a total consequence of this combination, Bausch + Lomb would be the leading eye health business in Argentina. The Pfortner family members will continue to function their retail chain of optical shops beneath the brand Pfortner and as an unbiased business, unrelated to Bausch + Lomb. While Bausch + Lomb programs to combine Waicon using its Vision Care functions in Argentina, the firms will continue steadily to operate as the firms undergo the integration process separately.

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