China and bird flu the plot thickens The plot has thickened when it comes to bird and China flu.

Specialists believe it could cause the next influenza pandemic and several research labs and companies are rushing to develop a vaccine against H5N1 in the event. The timing of the loss of life is essential because scientists believe that the A avian flu virus experienced percolated in China’s chickens for several years, november that the federal government admitted to having a human case but it was not until last; it offers officially reported 19 cases and 12 deaths. Had the information been available earlier lives might have been preserved and a large number of birds reprieved from death by disease or culling. In 2003, China covered up dozens of SARS deaths for weeks after the epidemic started there. The World Health Organization has asked the government to describe the discrepancy.Suprisingly low cholesterol levels appear to be linked to really strange behavior. And what’s more, the body uses the cholesterol rate present for fix of damaged cells. Probably which means that elevated cholesterol amounts are associated with repairs going on, sometimes. The cholesterol may be present for reasonable, because problems can be found and the repair process is taking place. That may be an advantage and not all bad possibly. Maybe simply lowering cholesterol with medications just becase it’s there could grow to be a really bad idea. Cholesterol and health inversely aren’t necessarily lined.

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