CINJ is a Middle of Excellence of UMDNJ-Robert Timber Johnson Medical College also.

As a community medical center, we recognize the need for staying close to home to receive cancer treatment and treatment. Molly Gabel, MD, deputy director of extramural affairs at CINJ and associate professor of radiation oncology at UMNDJ-Robert Solid wood Johnson Medical College, notes the most recent addition continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of the CINJ Network. We are pleased to have Mountainside Medical center join our team, as more communities inside our region will now have further opportunity to benefit from our state-of-the-art cancers treatment, research, prevention and education programs.Dr. Herbst is an associate of Biothera's Clinical Advisory Panel. The results present the incredible potential of the immunotherapy and merit further investigation. The study's objective response price was improved further in the subset of subjects who tested positive for a biomarker from the capability of their immune cells to bind and react to Imprime PGG. Moreover, a second endpoint of general survival demonstrated dramatic improvement in the magnitude and duration of response among biomarker-positive subjects. Remarkably, the biomarker-positive topics who received Imprime PGG demonstrated a almost six-month improvement in survival in comparison with control subjects, stated Myra Patchen, Ph.D., Biothera chief scientific officer. We are self-confident that Imprime PGG gets the potential to considerably improve survival for biomarker-positive individuals with non-little cell lung cancers.

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