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London, said London, said that scientific studies do not support drug dependence ‘harm reduction ‘measures reported as needle exchange, the UK Scotsman. ‘It is a serious problem, what are the measures that damage to reduce the most effective, but the best thing is prevention, the second treatment, and the third is harm reduction, which is doing better than nothing,’Walters said, adding: ‘I think we should not be caught with silly semantics – we all want to repair the damage ‘ reduce. However, look at a September 2003 Human Rights Report on HIV prevention among drug users said that seven U.S. Government-funded reports, 1991-1997 ‘found Kaiser Family Foundationsyringe exchange HIV transmission without increasing drug use reduces ‘and that ‘no established medical, scientific or legal, to investigate the problem was otherwise closed, ‘he added after a 2001 review of needle exchange research (Inter Press Service, Walters, ‘ ‘crack down’on supply and demand for illicit drugs ‘is a far more effective approach ‘than harm reduction and that ‘scarce resources ‘available to drug users is to be used for treatment, according to the Scots (Scots is..The notion surgery non small cell lung includes various types of lung, if recognized in an early stage and localize by resection of can be hardened. NSCLC accounts for about 75 % of the lung cancer.

A person who minimally invasive surgical options on octogenarian with a few lung cancers.

When non-small cell lung cancer will be recognition at an early, localized stage, surgical removal of the affected area is often may preventing any metastases in other tissues and organs of. But during several patients, including elderly patients, are not good candidates could be to the physical demands of open breasts surgery, suggests these study included 159 patients older eighty to ninety-four, that video – assisted thoracoscopic surgery is a viable option in be considered.

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