Democratic legislators next year is likely to regulation.

Democratic legislators next year is likely to regulation, pass pass would benefit it the HHS secretary negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies for discounts on medications under the Medicare prescription drug, but they have not yet decided how to do it, the Washington Post reports .

Acting FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach last month suggested a house subcommittee that the agency would no decision on plan B in the near future (Harris, New York Times, J ‘The Conservatives say that the Bush administration is cut cut to the growth ‘of entitlement programs, but Bush ‘won a great victory on Medicaid last month ‘with the enactment of the 2006 Budget Reconciliation right, the New York Times reports. Under the law, states can and and end coverage for Medicaid , which to to not reduce. In addition, the Act allows pharmacists to refuse prescriptions prescriptions and providers who refuse to be that offer services Medicaid recipients fail to co-payments. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the law to increase health care costs for millions the beneficiary of Medicaid (Pear, New York Times..Lack mental health of being a big reason for people ill, early retirement and an invalidity pension.

When the industry do not conducts research the causes of depression and schizophrenia, new drugs new drugs, the scientists will non able to increase their knowledge. Enduring stigma around mental disorder implies that the mental health willing to mental health research a contribute in cancer research , for example. – Nutt is adds:. ‘All medication have side effects , the risk -benefit analysis of antidepressant drugs is consistently positive.

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