Diclofenac sodium receptpligtig medicin.

Diclofenac sodium, the active pharmaceutical ingredient in Dyloject is one of the most prescribed NSAIDs. Since its initial approval in the 1980s approximately 1 billion patient days of treatment with diclofenac appreciated worldwide receptpligtig medicin . It is believed and marketed in a variety of forms in the United States with several oral formulations of a topical gel, plaster and eye drops. However, an injectable formulation is not in the United States. Side effects. Company believes that there is a significant unmet medical need for opioid agents for the treatment of pain in patients with acute moderate to severe pain. Opioids such as morphine can cause undesirable side effects such as nausea, vomiting, constipation, sedation, cognitive impairment and respiratory depression. Decreasing or so can reduce the need for opioid drugs reduce many of these side effects.

S. Food and Drug Administration for its investigational product candidate Dyloject Injection, has an FDA PDUFA date of the 3rd October 2010 included. The NDA is reviewed. To support the U.S. Approval and registration of Dyloject for the management of acute moderate to severe pain in adults If approved, Dyloject is the first IV non-steroidal anti – inflammatory drug , is marketed in the United States as a monotherapy for the treatment of acute moderate to severe pain in adults since ketorolac in 1990.

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