DPN is the second leading cause of amputations.

It was published in the American Society of Neurochemistry Journal, ASN Neuro. The researchers administered KU-32 to diabetic mice. The compound stopped DPN and showed it could restore sensory neuron function of damaged nerve tissue. KU-32 inhibits a specific member of a family of proteins called molecular chaperones.. DPN is the second leading cause of amputations, after injuries.Dobrowsky co-authored the paper with Brian Blagg, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Roger Rajewski, professor of pharmaceutical chemistry; Joanna crisis and Michelle McIntosh, research associates with the Biotechnology Innovation Center and Optimization Center; Cuijuan Yu, research associate with the Higuchi Biosciences Center; postdoc Yuanming Lu; students Michael Urban and Cuijuan Yu.

Toxicology, and may even reverse diabetic peripheral neuropathy in miceA drug developed at the University of Kansas has the potential to be a debilitating disease diabetes often leads to pain in the extremities and even stop amputations , KU researchers have found.Is wound These notices– – the blood trail, of the cervical, the second gas is – form– – any police station auditor should have followed them. The absence of an serious tube demonstrates that we looking for at a cover-up.

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