Dystrophy Campaign statement on this case:The Baby RB case has problems.

Dystrophy Campaign statement on this case:The Baby RB case has problems, though rarely to the media attention brought highlighted can affect families handling of muscle disease. The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign recognizes the tragic situation that Baby RB parents find themselves in, and unfortunately, that the resolution of this case is devastating for everyone involved.

Clinical practice guidelines are systematically developed recommendations to assist practitioners in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases. When dealing with patients with multiple conditions, physicians clinical clinical judgment and create individual treatment plans that account for the individual circumstances and wishes of patients and their families to patient care to patient care, says Boyd. Moreover, because the standards for the quality of care and reimbursements to doctors, the medical tests perform for patients with chronic diseases often on clinical guidelines are based, ‘this could create perverse incentives that the wrong aspects of care for this population to reduce stress and quality of their quality of their care, ‘Boyd..By a by a National Institute of Health grant from the National Center for Medical rehabilitation Research and the National the Institute of Neurological Diseases and StrokeCollection ‘This is an instance from two NIH institute work together an important clinical problems solve,’said NIH Director Elias Zerhouni, ‘This study is likely a significant effect to clinical care of stroke patients has on. ‘.

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