Each project has been hand selected a high a high quality slate of presenters discount.

Each project has been hand selected a high a high quality slate of presenters. Companies will present the product and the target of the first indication , other connections to the same destination, the relative advantage of the compound, the clinical results to date and general clinical plan for the future, IP on the compound or target, and all partnerships, the company holds on the property. Registered attendees have access to pre-conference access to a database containing detailed technical, non – confidential information on the projects Partnership discount . Finding the right medication and the right partners: – industry analysts, each Top 10 session opened with discussions on Matchmaking in Oncology / CV / Metabolic / Neuroscience Drug Partnership. Between companies. Partnering event.

Online registration for Therapeutic Area Partnerships, seeparticipants at Windhover Therapeutic Area Partnerships is industry – leading partnering software organize before, and plan use partnership meetings. Other options include the possibility of new business and cooperation opportunities with the hottest TA – focused companies capitalize, networking with hundreds of potential pharmaceutical and biotech partners through 1:1 meetings, cocktail parties, lunches and coffee breaks, hear exciting new statistics, Specialty Pharmaceuticals,nd trends in therapeutic area partnering from an unbeatable line-up of eminent speakers and return of the current conference and detailed information about participants, their companies, projects and technologies. Lead top-level executives to fascinating content Sessions -.

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