Efficacy and convenience that it believes can develop improved patient tailored.

Forward-Looking Statements.. About TrubionTrubion is a biopharmaceutical company The treat the creation of a pipeline of novel protein therapeutic drug candidate for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and cancer. The company’s mission is to provide a plurality of first – in – class and best – in-class product candidates for optimal safety, efficacy and convenience that it believes can develop improved patient tailored. Trubion the current candidates are novel single-chain protein, or SMIP , therapeutics, and are designed with customers drug assembly technology. Trubion product pipeline includes CD20-directed candidates such as TRU-015 and SBI-087 for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, developed under the company’s Wyeth collaboration. Trubion product pipeline also includes Trubion proprietary product candidate, TRU-016, a novel CD37-targeted therapy for the treatment of B-cell tumors, which is currently in clinical phase 1/2 evaluation.

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