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States are beginning more than the federal government cutback on spending their bottom lines hurt concern, especially when funding for the Medicaid comes. Reports: Many still expect that enter the Medicaid money because a lot of because many help for help for months and built it into the budgets , which begins in July in Arizona, the federal government money would be an additional $ to signify 394,000 signes de cancer du sein . Assume the cost of medical care for about 310,000 poor adults. Because of federal mandates on health care reform passed Arizona law a fiscal 2011 budget, the Medicaid-funded programs, which was previously used for the closure extends planned. The state planned for pay for pay for the expected major Medicaid matching funds from the feds Arizona, like other states, less the portion of their Medicaid spending under the expenditure, first authorized use of stimulus funds (Hansen. – In Michigan , could be a $ 514,000 budget exacerbated if the Medicaid money is not added back into the extenders bill also in danger without the money in this state. Includes Medicaid prescription drug payments to Medicaid providers and mental health services say Detroit Business reports: Michigan is not alone in its budget – about 30 countries in in the counting money for their budgets, and some have started fiscal year, July the health of[ Federal Medical Assistance Percentage] issue comes at a time when I do. Say, of of state Medicaid program under more pressure: Michigan Medicaid population is now 1.8 million, as people by by commercial carriers migrate to Medicaid; physician participation in the program is on the decline, and Medicaid patients are hospital – emergency room show higher disease (Lane.

Mona Saraiya, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, and colleagues studied 1,212 primary care physicians, of whom 950 performed Pap tests and had not always recommended the HPV test for their patients. The physicians who care physicians, family physicians, gynecologists and general internists – contained were asked to report their screening recommendations in response to clinical vignettes. Co-morbidities 35 – year-old woman without a new partner in the past five years and three normal Pap test results, 8 % of the physicians reported that they would Pap test Pap test in three years and 31.7 % were the next Tell Pap test in one year. But for a 35 – year-old woman with a normal Pap test and a normal HPV test % of physicians % of physicians would screening interval screening interval to three years, while 60.1 % would recommend annual testing. – Cost-effectiveness models show ‘that the practice patterns that we might find in our study the costs with little optimization increase in reducing cervical cancer incidence and increasing ,, Overuse of screening is costly for the health system and may unnecessary to carry. Follow-up testing, increased risk of colposcopy-associated co-morbidities and adverse birth outcomes and distress for patients, ‘the authors write. ‘Many doctors over screening women with both HPV and Pap tests reported annually up measures to extended screening intervals among women with negative HPV and normal Pap test to strengthen results, there is no advantage experiences with HPV co – testing, and it. ‘. ‘.

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These three former head of state who co-presidents by the influential in Latin America Commission shall for Drugs and of democracy, to notify the drug policy in the region contribute for longer efficient, a safe and humane drugs policy are targeted. PASTE it in supporting Vienna Declaration of are three other influential in Latin America Facts – Peruvian author, journalist and essayist published Mario Vargas Llosa will, of the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho and Sergio Ram rez Mercado, writer and former vice – president of Nicaragua. The war on drugs is such an incredibly negative effects on Latin American and of the fact that to Declaration of Vienna receives this level of assistance from former States should be to those for those currently in power, said AIDS 2010 include board chairman Dr. Julio Montaner, evidence based International AIDS Society and Director of the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV / AIDS . I hope that will be Vienna Declaration inspiring be like political leader of to shift set aside the medicament is war rhetoric and hugging evidence-based policies which can meaningfully improve the Community safety and health. .

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