For Cancer Patients Founded in 1993 to increase potency.

About IntraOp – IntraOp Medical Corporation provides innovative technology solutions for the treatment and removal of cancer. For Cancer Patients – Founded in 1993, IntraOp to providing the tools doctors need is committed to manage intraoperative radiation therapy safely and effectively to increase potency click here . The company’s flagship product, the Mobetron , is the first fully portable, self – shielding intraoperative electron radiation therapy designed for use in an operating room. Key Mobetron benefits: increased survival rates, better local tumor control, shorter treatment cycles and fewer side effects. Leading hospitals, these forwardty research centers to specialized cancer clinics in North America, Europe and Asia, use the Mobetron as an integral part of the comprehensive cancer program. For more information on IntraOp Medical and the Mobetron, please visit:.

Latest and most innovativeancer Research At American Association for Cancer Research 2008 Annual MeetingWhat:The AACR Annual Meeting offers the latest cutting-edge findings in laboratory, translational and clinical cancer research. This year’s meeting focused taken on new and promising therapeutic approaches and advances in the diagnosis and prevention of cancer.

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