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The FDA has cleared cesium-131 for use in the treatment of cancer in the body including breast and brain tumors.Source: ISORAY.

Additionally, Cs-131 is minimally invasive, provides a higher power, faster delivery of a single dose of radiation, and has a shorter half-life than other radioactive isotopes used in internal irradiation. The pioneering treatment impacts longevity and cure rates can outside a hospital outside of a hospital, and the results more quickly in a patient. Return to normal activities.. Radiation is one of the most important and powerful weapon in the treatment of cancer used Cs-131 is now be treated treat prostate, lung, head and neck cancer in more than 100 centers in the U.S. Brachytherapy is an internal radiation therapy in which radioactive material isotopes) isotopes) to kill cancer cells.From the Henry J. Opinions and editorialsInformation is on with friendly permission from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. It can change the overall the Emperor Daily Health policy coverage, search the archives and log of email delivery of of royal health news.

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