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Not only would reducing salt intake lower blood pressure in children, but it could play a role play a role in helping obesity obesity. .. The researchers also found that children eating a lower – salt diet drank fewer sugar-sweetened soft drinks. From their research, they said that reducing salt intake by 1 gram per day would reduce sugar – sweetened soft drinks to to 27 grams per. Taking into account other factors such as age, sex, body weight , and physical activity If children aged 4 to 18 years cut their salt intake by half , in previous studies, a decrease of about two sugar-sweetened soft drinks per week per child to be so would any child reducing calorie intake 250 kcal 250 kcal per week, he said.

Dr. He recommends that parents check labels, choose low-sodium foods and no salt in cooking and at the table.It calls including consumers, the food industry demand for a gradual and sustained reduction in the amount of salt added in order to make added added to food, salt.The United States Advisory – salmonellae contamination of In Black And Red Pepper, CanadaThe Canadian Food Inspection Agency , Health Canada and which Public Health Agency of Canada are currently working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for of an investigation in contamination by salmonellae of black and red pepper the United States.

The relevant black and red bell peppers was called back by Mincing Overseas Spice Company and Healthy Spice Company in the United States. That CFIA is investigating the in other potentially contaminated products that used the affected pepper such as spices and condiments. Products which may comprise an affected peppers may represent a health risk to consumers. A number of foodstuffs callbacks already occured in the the U.S. And Canada. There are no certified illnesses Canada until now over consumption the products recalls in Canada.

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