Guan Because of their ability to HIF 1 levels

Said Guan, Xiong and her group are confident of its findings to understand the mechanisms behind the development of these tumors is essential for clinical progress. Guan Because of their ability to HIF – 1 levels, drugs mimicking alpha – KG may be worth a visit as possible to reverse its treatments for these types of glioma. .

Notes:Other co-authors include: Shimin Zhao Yan Lin Wenqing Jiang, Zhengyu Zha, Pu Wang, Qunying Lei, Fudan University, Shanghai, China; Zhiqiang Li, Lingling Gong, Wuhan University, China;. Yingjie Peng, Jianping Ding, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Guan and Xiong both Events at Fudan University.

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