How can this knowledge help medicine in the future.

So, how can this knowledge help medicine in the future, especially for those who have severe impulsivity?'[ it is] difficult, ‘said Beversdorf. ‘Some in in follow-up examinations. However, a large number of studies, the enormous possibilities of identifying a gene that might affect treatment in preliminary research has shown not panned in other studies. ‘.

Here, too, the children showed an improvement in their skills after training on the virtual road, three of the children show significant improvement.. However, the research team was not looking to teach a virtual skills, they wanted to see if the children were the skills that transfer dominated them in a virtual environment in the real world. A local practice area with a street and crosswalk, complete with lights for this purpose. For this purpose. The ability of children the the street safely was tested in this field evaluating, for example, whether they stopped to wait on the sidewalk or waiting for the green light from crossing.These results may to help devised new drugs against various kinds of inflammation of of by targeting that GPIIb / IIIa receptor by neutrophils. Especially medication that is currently the blood clotting the clotting of blood through inhibition glycoprotein IIb / IIIa receptors on platelets to relieve the inflammation to relieve the inflammation.

Will be published potential new way for the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

We have a whole new mechanism through which neutrophils induce infection Used Kettritz saying. Until now, researchers have demonstrated that platelets form clots and neutrophiles able create signs of inflammation, like swelling, redness and heat. In this study we show that platelets and neutrophils often work together to cure a wound or to fight an infection. .

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