Improved MS diagnosis and differential diagnosisoptic neuritis.

Improved MS diagnosis and differential diagnosisoptic neuritis, an inflammation of the optic nerve may result in a complete loss of vision an early sign of an early sign of MS. ‘We have now found out that the gene expression to show in a whole blood analysis, significant differences in patients with optic neuritis compared with healthy controls, which can make an early diagnosis of MS in the future easier,’Filippi said. Neuromyelitis optica is concentrated on inflammatory demyelination and irreversible loss of tissue in the spinal cord and the optic nerve. Seen by some as a subtype of the ‘normal’MS and by others as another, independent disease, there must be a different course of treatment as MS to achieve optimal results.

Source: ENS 2011biomarker – surrogates, which can be measured objectively and as indicators of certain biological states, salutogenic or pathogenic processes or reactions to medication – are becoming increasingly important in many areas of modern medicine, before everything everything but that in neuroscience Neurological disorders are the most complex in nature, sometimes difficult to see, and if you could only be on clinical trials, the effects or ineffectiveness of treatment apparently at a late stage.From the by the NIH, American Skin Association, a flight attendant Medical Research Institute, the grumbling Family Foundation and the Henry and Elaine Kaufman Foundation. Authors are among Byungwoo Ryu, Kim and Villamena M. DeLuca of Johns Hopkins.

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