In 2009 alone.

Diagnosis up to 12 different tests simultaneously and features the most user-friendly control system available, chain of custody, and instrument. Feature-rich and groundbreaking in its process simulation and ease-of – use allows the DS – matrix software a lab technician systems system with minimal training, so labs new automation can quickly integrate the system with confidence to provide start better, more reliable results.. In 2009 alone, provided MSF medical and psychosocial care for 5,600 rape victims in North and South Kivu. Magellan developed a fully automated system, Project 24 , to quickly and easily process 96-well microplates for total assay optimization. Project 24 is currently in the final stages of development and not yet available for customer orders.

MSF medical teams treated 14 women at the hospital in Fizi on 3 January and 19 women the next day. In addition, two severely wounded men were Baraka Hospital, one with serious head injuries after being. With a rock, the other transferred struck with bullet wounds in the chest – ‘Women have been held back with ropes or beaten unconscious with the butt of a gun before being attacked, some in front their children,’said Annemarie Loof, MSF head of mission in South Kivu.‘The CLUE study is important for doctors because show this findings is to use is the use of nicardipine in place of labetalol effective in the blood pressure control for patients with hypertension, ‘said Frank Peacock, MD on at the Cleveland Clinic investigators investigator of which studies. ‘When Doctors & Dentists need to quickly lower blood pressure which is faster than is faster than labetalol. Of-care patients were treated with nicardipine for about three times more likely the target blood pressure range could be reached within 30 minutes dealt with as such with labetalol. ‘.

‘It is important to doctors evidence-based guidelines of safely and effectively reduction in blood pressure at a predefined target field offering,’said Graham May, Chief Medical Officer of on EKR Therapeutics, the undertaking which in developed markets ready -use to – IV to IV ‘This is particularly true in emergency room where prompt control of high blood pressure able to reduce the severity of a heart attacks and strokes. ‘.

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