In according to a TNS survey of Danone commissioned.

85 percentrth-South gap exists in UK Digestive HealthMore northern women bloating and gurgling feel than southern countries with up to 70 percent likely likely to experience at any time, in according to a TNS survey of Danone commissioned.

– Younger women , especially at the age of 16 – Two thirds of women do not have a doctor or nurse about these feelings consulted 34, does not usually do anything about these feelings of indigestion. Worryingly, the survey also showed that a fifth of British women miss the breakfast, the most important meal for jumpstarting the day digestive within the 16-24 years category, this number increases to a staggering third of young women.In order to alcohol-related calorie controlled, the British Nutrition Foundation proposes It:.

Do not binge drinking: Some people think it OK to who any its share in one go.. The most important results of the Know Your Limits poll point that:.

Beverages will simply five liters per week for a year about 44,200 calories, is the same as food two hundred twenty-one donuts. – With fry-up instead of a bowl of cereals or granola on the morning after the drinking for the recommended limit can be an added 450 calories also to which alcohol caloric uses the night before. Health Ministers Phil hopes in that habit Beverage via our advised daily New limit influenced our waistlines and our health. time is not simply follow the sweet in the beverages itself stacking pile on the pounds , is we also tend to eat too fatty foods where we have one too many, said Hope, adding that to prevent building up on said British Pound we should try to to drink within the recommended limits, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

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