In Europe maternal heart disease is now the leading cause of maternal death during pregnancy.

Moreover, the treatment of congenital heart disease has improved leads to a larger number of women with heart disease reaching childbearing age. Nevertheless, congenital heart defects , the most frequent cardiovascular disease in pregnancy , hypertensive with the most common cardiovascular events. Because of its because of their increasing prevalence and potential severity of the the guidelines careful screening for heart disease, an adequate risk assessment and counseling as a critical -. Their meaning, of course, take on the value, if in the context of the fetal and maternal health regarded.. Minimum recommendation the British Heart Foundation 30 – minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity five times a week.Moreover, the In Cardiac Problems During Pregnancy: New ESC Guidelines EMPHASIZE the importance of screening and risk assessmentPre-existing heart disease is rarely a contraindication to pregnancy – indeed, many women tolerate well with heart disease pregnancy – but it remains a major that complications are frequent and sometimes life-threatening for both the mother and her child.

However, the guidelines also note that the evidence of prospective or randomized trials in this area are sparse, with recommendations especially appropriate level of evidence C. With as many recommendations largely grant on retrospective data and broad expert consensus, the authors that registries and prospective studies are urgently needed to improve the state of knowledge.The main conclusion of this study is that the physicians recommend to balance the quicker recovery after embolisation for the possibility a minority of patients have to has further handling. – – Uterine embolism versus surgery to symptomatic uterine fibroids. The REST OF Investigators letter Committee on of the Randomised Trial of embolization of vs surgery on Fibroids: Richard D. Edward, and Jonathan G. The New England Journal of Medicine, Volume 356:360-370, January 25, 4.

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